CERT.LV shares a unique threat-hunting experience with the NATO allies

On 22 March 2023, CERT.LV was honoured to host a visit by the Dr. Mart Noorma, The Director of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) and Colonel V.G. Kirstein, Canadian Armed Forces, CD Commander, Task Force Latvia. The aim of the visit was to discuss existing and future avenues for strengthened collaboration as well as share information on current and ongoing initiatives within meeting organizations.

During the visit, CERT.LV shared the attained unique experience on how threat-hunting operations to identify adversarial presence in Latvian critical infrastructure are run in collaboration with partners.

“These joint operations, which have been taking place since 2022 are a unique opportunity to verify cyber threat intelligence sharing and incident response procedures between multiple NATO allies in cyberspace, as well as to further develop operational capabilities and enhance interoperability” said Baiba Kaškina, General Manager of CERT.LV.

"CERT.LV's and Canadian Cyber Task Force's joint efforts in protecting Latvian networks are the finest example of multinational cooperation we should all learn from" stressed Dr. Mart Noorma, The Director of CCDCOE.

Latvia alongside Canada are both active member nations of CCDCOE. CCDCOE was established upon the initiative of Estonia together with six other nations – Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovak Republic and Spain – on 14 May 2008. Mission of CCDCOE is to support member nations and NATO with unique interdisciplinary expertise in the field of cyber defence research, training and exercises covering the focus areas of technology, strategy, operations and law. More on CCDCOE: https://ccdcoe.org/