CERT.LV Deputy Manager will receive Order of Three Stars

Photo author: Ilmārs Znotiņš

According to the decision of the President of Latvia and Chapter of Orders of 4 April 2023, CERT.LV Deputy Manager Varis Teivāns has been awarded the Order of Three Stars. Oficial award ceremony took place on 4 May at the Riga Castle. The state honours - the Order of Three Stars, Order of Viesturs and Cross of Recognition - received 99 members of the society this year.

"The highest awards of the Latvian State are given to individuals whose honest work, active citizenship, selflessness, courage, and patriotism strengthen Latvia as a democratic, law-abiding, and national state.

The highest recognition of the State is awarded to outstanding personalities in various fields from all over Latvia, whose work for the benefit of the country is of particular importance. These include medical professionals who have been selflessly and for a long time taking care of public health, cultural workers, soldiers of the National Armed Forces, Border Guard and State Police officers who protect the security of our country and guard its borders. There are also representatives of the judicial system, scientists, teachers, representatives of the information technology industry, entrepreneurs, farmers, municipal employees, members of the national resistance movement, custodians of historical memory and cultural heritage, public figures, including people who care for the protection and welfare of animals." [1]


[1] https://www.president.lv/en/article/highest-state-honours-awarded-1