Cyber Europe 2024

The largest European Cyber exercise is back this year for its 7th edition! The 2-days event will take place in June tackling the resilience of our Energy sector, and challenging thousands of players acting closely with cybersecurity.

Managed by ENISA and organised in collaboration with us and many other EU players, Cyber Europe is made to test our preparedness towards cyber threats in many sectors.

From exciting scenarios inspired by real-life events, fully developed by European cybersecurity experts, this exercise is a real opportunity for players to deal with complex business continuity and crisis management situations.

Cyber Europe enables each individual to analyse advanced technical cybersecurity incidents giving them hands-on experience in dealing with cutting-edge challenges. Players will have the chance to build a network and learn from other ecosystems in the EU.

Let's Exercise.Protect.Improve to help Europe prepare for the cyber challenges of tomorrow.

More information: https://www.enisa.europa.eu/topics/training-and-exercises/cyber-exercises/cyber-europe-programme/cyber-europe-2024